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Addiction & Psychotherapy Services is an outpatient psychiatric clinic treating patients with opiate/opioid addiction, including heroin and pain pills (oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl), as well as dual/multiple diagnosis patients.

Our goal is to guide patients in their transition from a dysfunctional abuse/addiction pattern to stability and functioning free of addiction thinking and behaviors through medications and therapy under the care of our experienced doctor and medical team (Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)).

Our program provides structure and support and allows people to achieve daily functioning, meet their individual goals, and find meaning and purpose in their lives.

Our clinic provides the following Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT) options with medications dispensed at our clinic:


  • Long term treatment (maintenance)
  • Slow medical taper (up to 6 months)

Buprenorphine (Suboxone):*

  • Long term treatment (maintenance)
  • Slow medical taper (up to 6 months)

* Long term medically assisted treatment is the treatment of choice; however, we also offer 5-21 day Rapid Tapers on both medications (Methadone and Buprenorphine) to persons who insist on it.

Our MAT includes the following Services (included in fees):

  • Individual case management with a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

  • Access to a full-time onsite Psychiatrist

  • Physical Examinations and extensive Laboratory Evaluations

  • Onsite drug screening (urine and oral swab) available

  • Groups (led by the Psychiatrist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Nurses). Close Friends and Relatives are welcome to participate with the patient.

  • Psychiatric Treatment of co-occurring disorders like and anxiety disorders including medications and psychotherapy

  • Assistance in addressing of additional addictions including alcohol, sedatives (Xanax, Valium, etc.) and other substances

  • Assistance with smoking cessation (quitting) including medications and counseling

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment for PTSD and other disorders

  • Prescription of Medications for medical taper off methadone or buprenorphine

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation training

  • Ear Acupuncture (NADA) for withdrawal, craving and anxiety

  • Assistance in Management of Pain including non-opioid medications, yoga, and mindfulness based meditation

  • Brief Couple and Family Counseling


Our Simple and Smooth Intake Evaluation Process:

  1. The day before you plan to come in: Please call our clinic for a pre-screening over the phone
  2. No appointment needed for screening and evaluation for possible admission
  3. Full psychiatric and nursing evaluation
  4. Immediate start of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as ordered by the physician, when appropriate

Details about the Intake Evaluation Process:

  • Arrive latest by 5:45 AM Monday-Thursday
  • Early arrival is strongly recommended - First-come-First-Served Basis for Intakes
  • Must be in mild to moderate withdrawal (no opiates for 12-24 hours)
  • No signs of intoxication from opioids or other substances
  • Expect to stay for several hours (typically until noon) for evaluation and observation
  • Admission to the clinic is not guaranteed and is dependent on the doctor's evaluation and treatment recommendations for each individual patient

What to bring:

  • A valid Texas State issued Driver's License or ID
  • Cash or Money Order only (for initial fees). NO credit/debit cards accepted. Fees include first week of treatment until the next Monday when weekly fees are due.
    • $120 for methadone
    • $150 for buprenorphine
  • Any medical or prescription records relating to the addiction, including prescriptions or pills currently used.  Prescription records can be obtained from the pharmacy.
  • If you have no valid Texas-issued state ID: certain other forms of identification may be accepted, such as passports or Texas state prison ID cards, an ID from another state, expired IDs, other picture IDs, Social Security card, birth certificate, any recent medical records, TDC papers, etc.
  • Please call for information about fees for 5-21 day rapid medical tapers

Please call with any questions regarding the admissions process!


Weekly Group Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:15a MD Group 6:15a Positive          Change
6:15a MD Group 6:15a Recovery          Skills  


9:00a MD Group*   9:00a MD Group    
9:30a MD Group* 9:30a MD Group*      
    11:30a Questions
& Concerns
12:15p MD Group* 12:15a Relaxing          Yoga (45min)   12:15p Ask a          Nurse 12:15p Life Skills

* Dr. Heinz Aeschbach is available on Monday "MD groups".
All groups are 30 minutes unless specified.


Saturday "MD Group"
One monthly Saturday "MD group" is held from 9:00am - 10:00am. Dates for these groups are posted on the board in the clinic lobby.

Upcoming dates:
- please see under "annouencements"


Ear Acupuncture
Monday-Friday: 15 min sessions, by appointment only, 1 household per session.

This information was updated March, 2023. Times and Groups may be subject to change without advance notice. Please call the clinic for recent information.


Addiction and Psychotherapy Services is a private clinic and it is our philosophy to work without profits. We are proud to have highly qualified staff and the broadest range of services of any opiate use disorder clinic in Texas.


We accept the following insurances:
- Medicare Part B
- MAP (Medical Access Program)
from Travis County

On request we also provide receipts to patients in order to seek reimbursement from the their insurance.


We offer funded treatment for Travis County residents. For more information please give us a call.


Weekly treatment fees are due Mondays and may be paid in Cash, Money Order, or Personal Check.
Returned checks: $20.00

Regular dosage methadone (up to 100mg daily), no regular split dosage
High dosage methadone (101-200mg daily), up to 100mg daily, split dosage
Very high dosage methadone (>200mg daily), 100-200mg daily, split dosage
Methadone 6 month medical taper, for patients not qualifying for maintenance treatment

- Higher fees represent the higher cost of medication
- Medication dispensed/administered in the clinic

Buprenorphine 1-4mg daily
Buprenorphine 5-8mg daily $90.00
Buprenorphine 9-12mg daily $100.00
Buprenorphine 13-16mg daily $110.00
Buprenorphine 17-20mg daily $120.00
Buprenorphine 21- 24mg daily $130.00

50mg /daily, prices available on request

Methadone: $700.00*

* Fee includes intake evaluation and close medical supervision. Fee must be paid in full at the time of admission. Follow-up treatment with groups, possibly naltrexone, AA/NA attendance, and further support services is recommended. If transferring to maintenance treatment, fees as listed above.

  • Medication (methadone or buprenorphine) dispensed and supervised at the clinic
  • Educational and therapeutic groups on a wide range of subjects related to substance use disorders, mental health, physical health, self-help approaches, etc.
  • Individual counseling/case management
  • NADA (ear) acupuncture (up to 20 sessions per quarter)
  • Pain management
  • Psychiatric evaluations and treatment (including medication management and psychotherapy of other co-occurring disorders) are available to all current patients as clinically indicated

Fees may be charged for more extensive psychiatric and psychotherapy treatment appointments.
Family members and significant others are encouraged to participate in treatment at no additional cost (except non-patients are charged a $5.00 fee ear acupuncture and yoga).

with commitment for long-term treatment (at least 6 month)*:
Intake fees must be paid in cash, cashier check or money order. We do not accept credit cards.

New pt., starting buprenorhine maintenance; buprenorphine readmission and transfer pt.
New pt., starting methadone maintenance; readmission patient within 3 years of leaving
Transfer methadone pt., stable, with complete chart & recent lab work; readmission within 3 month $90.00*
Transfer methadone pt. w/o complete chart &/or unstable; readmission, 3mo-3yrs out of treatment $100.00*

* These intake fees are much lower than the costs and the value of the extensive medical-psychiatric evaluation and included laboratory work. It also includes the 1st week of treatment until next Monday when weekly fees are due. Consent to evaluation and treatment includes a commitment for long-term treatment, as indicated and ordered by the physician. We may request 3-6 months payments in advance if the patient does not have a stable income and is supported by a third party.


Dispensing outside med. time, when RN available $10.00
Urine drug screen not required by regulations, per patient request
Urine drug screen required if missing after having take home dose $10.00
Saliva drug screen $10.00
Pregnancy tests (urine) no charge
Charge for missed case manager appointment, unless 24 hours notice is given $5.00
Charge for missed MD appointment $10.00
Ear acupuncture groups up to 20 sessions/quarter no charge
Ear acupuncture groups above 20 sessions/quarter or outside of acupuncture group $5.00

Emergency temporary transfer by phone and fax $25.00
Temporary transfer to other clinic (set-up in advance) no charge*
Temporary transfer in (setup fee) $15.00
Temporary transfer in (daily fee; <=100mg) $10.00
Temporary transfer in (daily fee, >100mg) $12.00
Permanent transfer to other program or physician $25.00
Record copying fee (up to 25 pages) $25.00

* You have to pay your regular fee at this clinic. In case of extended temporary transfers (after 3 days of transfer), we will start to credit you a weekly/prorated daily fee.

After voluntary slow medical taper from maintenance, while stable

1 individual counseling session and group sessions free of charge
Additional sessions with case manager in continued follow-up treatment:  
25 minutes $30.00
45 minutes $50.00
MD follow-up appointment:  
30 minutes $75.00

Patients are required to pay the full weekly fee on or before Monday before dosing. You may make payments of any size any day during office hours. If unable to pay the weekly fee at one time, please make multiple small payments during the previous week. If receiving take home dosages for the following calendar week (more than Mondays), you must pay when receiving the take home dosages. Payments on Saturday must be by personal check or money order.
Patients are expected to attend the clinic regularly for observed dosing. Patients are charged their weekly fee even if "missing" (not coming in regularly for medication).

If you have a balance due to a non-payment, your dosage will be decreased, initially by 10% of your regular dosage. The dosage will not be increased until the following Monday unless you pay your balance and the fee for the following week. A medical taper for non-payment is started later in the first week or the beginning of the second week of non-payment. Buprenorphine tapers are generally more rapid since buprenorphine is very long acting.
While having a balance, we expect you to make small payments several times weekly; otherwise, your dosage will be tapered over approx. 14-30days. During administrative medical taper, you will be charged your weekly fee, and you will be charged $10.00 for extended counseling and $25.00 for MD appointments, to be applied to your balance.

If, due to unusual circumstances, you cannot pay your regular fee by Monday, talk with your case manager and fill in a fee consideration request form one week in advance, stating the circumstances and your commitment when to pay. In reviewing your request, we will consider your time in treatment, group attendance, previous payment record, stability, etc.

When patients who left treatment with an unpaid balance wish to be readmitted, we generally expect them to pay the full balance if previously <6 month in continuous treatment or at least half the balance if previously >6 month in continuous treatment. The remainder of the balance is to be paid off as per individual arrangement.

These fees are valid beginning January 20th, 2020. Prices of treatment may be subject to change without advance notice. Please call the clinic for recent information.



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